For an organisation to run the business smoothly, efficient communication is necessary. Most of the communication regarding the office work happens in meetings. With the outbreak of the virus and the implementation of lockdown, many of the employees are working from home and the board room meetings have become video conference meetings. This has lead to an increase in usage of meeting management software. 

Meeting management software is not just a video calling application, but an application to schedule and organise meetings and notify the users about upcoming meetings. The in-meeting chats and screen sharing options helps in the presentations and in keeping meetings lively. Different software has come up with different additional features to make a meeting more pleasant.

There are many meeting management software that is available for both mobile and computer platforms. Each software has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a herculean task to check on all applications and decide the one that best suits your needs. To make the impossible possible for you we have looked at the many meeting management software and brought to you the best meeting management software. 


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HD video conferenceFriendly mobile appAdvanced VoIPCost-effectiveVendor – LogMeInCountry – United StatesProfessional – $12/mthBusiness – $16/mthTrial – 14 days free

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GoToMeeting is sophisticated but easy to use web conferencing platform provided by LogMeIn. GotoMeeting is the Best Meeting Management software because of it’s high-quality video, advanced Voice over Internet Protocol ( VoIP), secure video conferencing. Professional GoToMeeting comes with unlimited meetings without time limits, screen sharing, web audio, Dail-in conference, personal meeting room, messaging and meeting lock. While the Business package adds office tools, cloud recording, co-organising and control sharing.


Image Credits – TeamViewer
HD video conferenceBest remote accessEnd-to-end encryptionMulti-language supportRecord meetingsVendor – TeamviewerCountry – GermanyFree for personal useCommercial use:Business – $49.00/mthPremium – $99.00/mthCorporate – $199.00/mthTrial – 14 days free

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TeamViewer is Best meeting management software that is free for personal use and offers the best remote access, not just screen sharing. All the messages on TeamViewer are all secure with end-to-end encryption. TeamViewer also allows for secure file transfer. The video conferences are of high-quality video and audio and can host up to 300 participants. This is one app tailor-made for joint projects and team projects integrating scheduling, conferencing, group chats and many more.

Cisco Webex

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Cross-platform accessEasy device switchingFile sharing and editingDesktop Integration‘Call Me’ featureVendor – CiscoCountry – United StatesFree for personal useStarter – $13.50/mthPlus –  $17.95/mthBusiness –  $26.95/mth

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Cisco Webex is one of the most widely used platforms for video conferencing and webinar hosting. It features in the best meeting management software because of its sophisticated features but user-friendly interface. It has two options for scheduling a meeting. The quick scheduler only needs a name, time, participants and duration. While advanced scheduler allows you to customize meeting and set multiple reminders along with a ‘Call Me’ feature which rings up your mobile when the meeting is about to start. While the starter pack and plus pack has a limit of 100 participants, Business pack extends up to 200 participants.


Image Credits – Fuze

Quality videoRemote file sharingSecure connectionFriendly interfaceRecord meetingsVendor – FuzeCountry – GlobalMeetings – $15/mthCalling – $25/mthPro – $35/mthInternational – $45/mthUnlimited Global -$65/mth

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Fuze is Best meeting management software which is based on a cloud. It has a user-friendly interface avoiding any clutter or complications. It has all three modes of communication, messaging, calling and video conferencing. It has good audio and video reception and allows users to share files. The easy to use interface attracts users. Meetings are allowed to be recorded and shared. The absence of scheduling a meeting and having remainders is what it lacks.

Microsoft Teams

Image Credits – Microsoft

MS 365 integrationUp to 300 participantsLarge storage space400+ cities dial-in audioChats and attachmentsHD video conferencingIntegration with third-party applicationsVendor – MicrosoftCountry – United StatesFree for personal useMS 365 Business Basic – $5.00/mthMS 365 Business Standard –  $12.50/mthMS Office 365 E3 –  $20.00/mth(annual commitment)

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The tech giant Microsoft has introduced this best meeting management software named Microsoft Teams to replace Skype for business. Microsoft Teams comes with a true integration of Microsoft 365 tools and also with third-party applications. Along with HD quality video conferencing and it has options for screen sharing, notes taking and scheduling meetings prior. It has 400+ cities for dial-in audio for meetings which help people to connect to their meeting even without internet access. It amazes users with large storage space to share and with the ability to host up to 300 participants in a meeting of Business packs and to host up to 10,000 participants in the E3 pack meeting.

Lucid meetings

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Action item trackingRatings and feedbackAudio transcriptionVoting managementSpeakers queueVendor – LucidCountry – United StatesFree for personal useTeams –  $12.50/mthBusiness –  $249.00/mthTrial – 14 days free

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Lucid Meetings is best meeting management software that is made especially for corporate meetings. It has all the features essential for corporate meetings including scheduling, reminders, screen sharing, timers, voting management, reporting, audio transcription, speaking queues, ratings and feedback. While the team’s version has a limit of one administrator, 20 hosts, 50 users and 200 guests, the business version has a limit of 10 administrators, 100 hosts, 250 users and unlimited guests. It also comes with detailed guidelines about how to use the software, making it simpler for users.


Image Credits – Samepage

Discussion boardAction item trackingGroup CalendarTask managementDocument managementVendor – SamepageCountry – United StatesFree for personal useStandard –  $7.50/mthPro –  $9.00/mthTrial – 30 days free

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Samepage is the best meeting management software for team collaboration and project management. It provides a secure platform for chatting, video conferencing, agenda management, task scheduling and management, file sharing, document management, action item tracking and more. It features a drawing board, screen sharing, discussion boards and chats during a video conference. It also provides 2GB storage for free users, 1TB storage for standard users and pro users. It has applications for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Samepage also provides a free trial for a month which is rare.


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Whiteboard featurePasscode accessFile sharingEngaging interfaceAdvanced VoIPVendor – PGiCountry – United StatesBasic – freeStandard –  $12.00/mthPremium –  $24.00/mth(annual commitment)

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GlobalMeet by PGi is the best meeting management software at enterprise-level. It provides meeting scheduling, file sharing, chats, whiteboard, slideshow, screen sharing, dial-in audio and high-quality video conferencing. It has an option to send a passcode to select people who can edit the meeting schedule or any other attributes. It records all the files shared in a meeting and stores in a file library, which you can access with re-entering the meeting. It has also integration with outlook mail for scheduling meetings and sending invitations. It has also options for feedback such as survey or polls.


Image Credits – ClickMeeting

WhiteboardPrivate chatQ & A chatAddress bookPolls & SurveysVendor – ClickMeetingCountry – United StatesStandard –  $25.00/mthPro –  $40.00/mthTrial – 30 days free(for 25 participants)

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ClickMeeting is the best meeting management software for presentations and webinars. It has all features of a basic meeting management software such as audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, slideshows, file sharing. What makes it stand out is the feature of Q & A chat and screen sharing option with attendees’ ability to control screen, surveys and polls for feedback. These features make it the best option for presentations. It also has a whiteboard feature for meetings. It integrates with other online office software and stores all recorded meeting on the cloud for ease of access. The prices are proportional to the number of attendees.


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Free basic accessMeeting agendaNote-takingDiscussion toolsIntegration with other appsVendor – SoapBoxCountry – CanadaBasic – freePro –  $75.00/mth(for 15 participants)

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Soapbox is the best meeting management software for organised work. It has features for making a meeting agenda, taking notes during the meeting and referring to it later, and also comments on them. It also provides various discussion tools and helps the organiser to assign work to different people and put deadlines for them. It has chats for one-to-one and group meetings. Though it doesn’t have a video conferencing capability, It also integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.

Having looked at the best meeting management software, choose the one that fits your team best and make your work life more interesting and more productive. These products are developed to make your teamwork better and this article is published to make your choice smarter.