Here’s your guide on “everything you need to know about Google Home Voice Controller” and how to get the most out of Google Home Voice Controller.



In this post, I will familiarize you with the basics of “Google Home Voice Controller”, then dive into everything you can do once you are up and running.

But before going forward, let’s understand what is “Google Home Voice Controller”.

What is Google Home?

This smart speaker called as Google home was designed to compete with the popular Amazon Echo voice controller. You can play music on Google Home, but it was primarily designed as a vehicle for Google Assistant – Google voice-activated player that is connected to the internet. 

The Google Home voice controller is always listening to the environment, but it will not record anything that you speak or neither it will respond to any of your commands until you say one of the preprogrammed

Wake up words. Same as when we open Google assistant on our phone we say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’

By saying such preprogrammed words, the Google Home voice controller comes into action.

There are so many things we can do with the help of Google home Voice commands. If you have smart lights in your house then chances are you can control each of the lights using a command such as “light on/off”. Say if you want to change the intensity of light bulbs, you can do that with the help of just a single command saying “dim my lights”. You can also remotely control your thermostat temperature as well as you can just sit on the couch and tell Google to turn on the TV.

 There are so many commands and it varies person to person and how they have set up Google home.

 For instance, if you have three smart bulbs in your living room and you have connected them to Google home. Now telling Google home to turn on/off lights will affect the living room only. To turn on/off or to control something outside the living room, you need to specify by saying “Hey, Google, turn off/on all lights,” or “OK, Google, turn on kitchen bedroom lights.”  

Google Assistant on your phone

There is not a single way, but multiple ways by which Google home can interact with your phone. It can make a call to anyone from your phone book, it can even find your lost phone. Moreover, you can also stream music from your phone via Bluetooth using Google home.

Some of the Google home voice commands include calling to someone from your contact lists, or if you can’t find your phone then you can even request Google home to find your phone, you can also do certain operations with Bluetooth like “OK, Google, clear all devices”, or “OK, Google, clear all Bluetooth devices, or “OK, Google, unpair all Bluetooth devices”.

In addition to the voice commands, Google Home speaker has some limited physical controls. You can mute the microphone, change the volume, play, or pause with the physical interface of the Google Home voice controller.

Making music with Google Home voice controller

Once you get your Google home set up, you may want to hear some music. Well, you can always have the option of using Google home as an ordinary Bluetooth speaker and pull up the song you want to listen to on your phone. But better use your voice to tell Google what song you want to hear. You can even search the song by lyrics if you don’t remember the name of the song.

There are many streaming services from which Google pulls up the songs. Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube are the famous ones.

Ready to assist 

The Google Home has gotten a lot better as a personal assistant from past years when it was launched in November 2016. Now you can train the Google home to recognize up to six different voices, which will enable it to perform different sets of actions for different voices. Google can then offer personalized answers depending on the voice of the user.

We can even purchase or make an order by using the Google home verified only by your voice. But we have to be very careful while using this feature, as we can fool the voice feature very easily.

Thanks to frequent features updates. You can do quite a few things with your Google Home voice controller.

Highlights of the Google home’s voice controller resume include:

  • Broadcasting: Once all your devices are connected Google home can make an announcement and it will play on all of the connected devices. You can also reply to the broadcast with simple commands.
  • Google Home is capable of executing multiple commands in sequence.
  • Night mode: Your Google home automatically lowers the volume of its local responses and music streaming at certain times of the day.
  • Storytime: Google home voice controller can even read aloud several stories for you. It also provides appropriate music and sound effects.
  • Routine commands: Give a command such as “Hey sweety I’m leaving” or “hey [name] I’m going” and you can customize your Google Home to respond differently, including playing the news, telling you about your commute, and controlling your compatible smart home devices.  

Google Home in the smart home

Controlling multiple smart home devices with a single command is easy with the help of routines. Plus, they’re getting better. The Google Home’s has gotten quite comfortable in the smart home with the help of35,000 devices and customizable routines. Google-equipped smart speakers can now be synced with a variety of devices.

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