Best deals you find in the market for Apple watch series 5.

A smartphone does most of the things a computer can do, and a smartwatch does most of the things a smartphone can do. The first model that attracts one’s attention when searching for a smartwatch is always from Apple, as it is the leading smartwatch manufacturer for a long time now. Currently, the Best smartwatch in the market is undoubtedly Apple watch series 5 followed by Apple watch series 3. The arrival of Apple watch series 5 is highly anticipated for a long time and after the launch on September 10th 2019, it was worth the wait. Even though it is almost a year since its launch, Apple Watch Series 5 is considered the best smartwatch in the world.

As always, we are here to help you find the best deals available in the market in one place. Before we look at the best deals for Apple Watch Series 5, let us look at the Apple Watch Series 5 and look at the product, specifications, and the features it offers.

Specifications and features at a glance:

Display: 40mm and 44mm OLED Retina | Processor: 64-bit dual-core S5 processor | On-board storage: 32GB | Battery: 18 hours | OS: watchOS 6 | Water resistant: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and LTE (optional) |Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz | Compass | Electrical heart sensor | Optical heart sensor | Emergency SOS | Accelerometer | Gyroscope | Ambient light sensor | GymKit 

The Apple Watch Series 5 is an advanced and enhanced version of Apple Watch Series 3 and 4. It comes in two sizes i.e. 40mm and 44mm, and two models – GPS and GPS + Cellular. Along with these aluminium builds, Apple also released Stainless steel and Nike versions for GPS + Cellular. It is only one step away from being independent of an iPhone. 


Apple watch series 5 comes with OLED Retina display that does not switch off but dims when not in use. Many watches do have the feature of showing the time when not in use, but only Apple watch series 5 shows notifications, messages among many other things along with time. The customization for the display screen with various widgets makes it even more interesting. Decrease in brightness when not in use is a unique feature that was not seen even among its predecessors.


Apple did not come with a new design for Apple Watch Series 5 but gave a few options on design. It has Stainless steel version and Nike version coming with a new look than regular Apple watches. The shortcoming is that these versions are available only for GPS + Cellular models. The aluminium models look like any other model of Apple watch series does.

Battery life:

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with an unparalleled battery life of 18 hours. With extensive usage, the battery life is 12 hours, far better than any other rival can provide. With such extraordinary battery life, it does attract a lot of customers. Magnetic charging is a feature continuing from its predecessors.

watchOS 6:

The S5 dual-core processor along with watchOS 6 provides a seamless performance everyone would wish for. The important feature that comes with watchOS 6 is that it has an App Store. Previously, apps could only be installed using mobile and now they can be directly installed from the app store. watchOS 6 also offers face customization along with some unique apps such as compass and cycle tracking.


The Apple Watch Series 5 has many apps that are not found in any other smartwatches. It has all the basic apps including alarms, stopwatch, timer, and calendar. Among the wide variety of apps available on Apple Watch Series 5, let us look at the ones that attract extra attention. 

It is the first time an app store has been introduced in a smartwatch, making it independent of mobile for application management. The calculator is available on Apple Watch to make it easier for users to do simple calculations. While the Heart Rate app checks your heart rate, ECG app records an Electrocardiogram. The one app that was introduced first time in a watch series is the compass app, which along with maps becomes a true guide.

 Noise app detects the surrounding noise levels and alerts when it is loud enough to affect your hearing. Voice memos, Stocks, Cycle tracking and Find people are the other apps that are worth a mention.


The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a wide range of faces that help you customize your screen. 

Activity Analog and Activity Digital are faces that show the activity plots along with Analog and digital clocks respectively. California gives a classic analog look with half-Roman and half-Arabic numerals. Chronograph measures time precisely with a look of an analog stopwatch. Fire and Water gives an animation of fire and water in the background. The modular compact gives you a chance to put three of your favourite app widgets on the home screen. Numerals duo and Numerals mono show time in numerals. 

Solar dial tracks movement of sun along with an analog or a digital clock. Mickey Mouse, Motion, and Pride Analog offer a good background to view time.

Having looked at Apple watch Series 5 specifications and features that make it the only one of its kind in the market, now let us look at best deals that you find in the market. It is better to buy products from trusted online sources than local stores, especially in these tough times where going out for shopping is a risky business. Also, it is cost-effective and the quality of products is uncompromised. Now that we have established the fact that online shopping is better, it is a matter of finding the best deals available online.

Apple Watch Series 5 is available starting from ₹40,900/- (INR), extending up to ₹72,900/- (INR) depending on build, size and specifications. We have looked at all models available on major and trustworthy online stores including Amazon and Flipkart and made all those links available at one place, here.

We have made all the versions and models of Apple Watch Series 5 available on different online platforms here, to help you compare the prices and decide which is best for you. These products are just a click away from your reach. What are you waiting for then? Look at all deals and models and put your decision-making skills to task and find your best buy. The way Apple Watch Series 5 provides many helpful apps and thrives to give their customers complete satisfaction, we too provide many helpful reviews and thrive to give our readers’ complete satisfaction.

The Best Deals for Apple watch series 5

Below are the prices and links for each of the models on different online platforms.

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)

Amazon – ₹ 49,900 – Buy now.

Flipkart – ₹ 49,900 – Buy now.

Reliance Digital – ₹ 49,900 – Buy now.

Croma – ₹ 49,900 – Buy now.

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm)

Amazon – ₹ 40,900 – Buy now.

Flipkart – ₹ 40,900– Buy now.

Reliance Digital – ₹ 40,900 – Buy now.

Tata Cliq – ₹ 40,900 – Buy now.

Paytm mall – ₹ 40,900 – Buy now.

Croma – ₹ 40,900 – Buy now.

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm)

Amazon – ₹ 52,900 – Buy now.

Flipkart – ₹ 52,900 – Buy now.

Reliance Digital – ₹ 52,900 – Buy now.

Tata Cliq – ₹ 52,900 – Buy now.

Croma – ₹ 52,900 – Buy now.

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm)

Amazon – ₹ 43,900 – Buy now.

Flipkart – ₹ 43,900 – Buy now.

Reliance Digital – ₹ 43,900 – Buy now.

Paytm mall – ₹ 43,900 – Buy now.

Croma – ₹ 43,900 – Buy now.

Apple Watch Series 5 Stainless steel case (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)

Amazon – ₹ 65,900 – Buy now.

Flipkart – ₹ 69,900 – Buy now.

Tata Cliq – ₹ 64,898– Buy now.

Croma – ₹ 69,900 – Buy now.

Apple Watch Series 5 Stainless steel case (GPS + Cellular, 44mm)

Flipkart – ₹ 73,900 – Buy now.

Croma – ₹ 73,900 – Buy now.

Apple Watch Series 5 Nike (GPS + Cellular, 44mm)

Flipkart – ₹ 59,900 – Buy now.

Croma – ₹ 52,900 – Buy now.

Apple Watch Series 5 Nike (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)

Flipkart – ₹ 49,900 – Buy now.

Croma – ₹ 49,900 – Buy now

The availability and price of these products are subject to variation.