The Amazon Echo Voice Controller or I can say the popular Amazon’s Alexa voice service lets you play music, order pizza, and get answers to the questions. Alexa’s is also popular for controlling smart home devices and controlling over 10,000 different things.

The third-generation Amazon Echo speaker is the best Alexa speaker to those who are new to smart speakers. It uses the popular Amazon Alexa assistant based on the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for voice controls it sounds good enough for kitchens, offices, or bedrooms. There are so many versions available for multiple features and uses. Although there are many third-party speakers which require multiple apps for start-up and settings, the Echo needs only the Alexa app, which can smoothly guide you through the process.

Let’s dive deeper into the Amazon Echo Voice Controller or Alexa. In this post, I am going to tell you everything that you need to know about Alexa.

What is Amazon Echo Voice Controller and how does it work?

Amazon Echo is a standalone Bluetooth speaker that can hear you at a moderate distance plus it has got Wi-Fi connection to the cloud. 

The first step to use the Echo would be waking up the Assistant. You can say something like “Alexa” the name of Amazon’s virtual assistant. You can also modify the name with “Computer”, “Amazon”, or “Echo” if you like. Once the speakers hear the wake word, a thin ring of around the top will light up blue to indicate that Alexa is actively listening to your commands.

Her’s how it works:

Whenever you give commands to Alexa, the echo records the voice and sends the snippet to the cloud server. Then the server translates the file into a text file and figures out the best way for Alexa to answer. This information is sent back to echo and Alexa converts the response back into a spoken response. Echo takes about one second to complete all these conversions.

What all can Alexa do?

So, there are many ways to put Alexa to use, but here are the main ones:

  • Music Playback: Alexa can play playlists, songs, albums, artists, podcasts, or genres as per your request. You get the choice to choose Amazon Music or Spotify as your default music library, and you can choose your favorite default service station between Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Amazon. kindle unlimited and Audible are the audiobooks supported by Alexa’s.
  • Smart Home Control: Alexa works with connected cameras, home security systems, smart lights, thermostats, Wi-Fi enabled appliances, robot vacuums, and thousands of connected devices. You can also make a command to Alexa to turn on/off something or specific lights in your room.
  • Alarms and Timers: Like Timers and alarm clock we have on mobile phones, the same is available in Alexa. You can set a timer or you can even set a favorite theme or song for the alarm.
  • Calling and Messaging: Let’s say your friend has Alexa. Then you can ask your Echo to give a call to your friend. When this happens, a green light will light up on your friend’s Echo and it will announce who’s calling to you. They can answer or start talking to you by saying “Alexa, answer the call.”

Oh, and if you need to buy something on Amazon, Alexa can help you with that too. Just Amazing.

How many different kinds of Echo Devices are there?

After Echo becomes a hit, Amazon began releasing several different devices to broaden its appeal of Alexa’s voice interface. Here’s a quick list:

  • Amazon Echo: This is the original Echo smart speaker. It comes with varieties of interchangeable cases called “shells” in its second generation.



  • Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot, Kids Edition



  • Amazon Echo Show: The Amazon Echo Show adds a camera and a touchscreen to Alexa’s interface. You can use it to check the feed from compatible connected cameras and also you can make video calls.



  • Amazon Echo Spot: Amazon Echo Spot is just a smaller Echo Show with a circular screen that works well as a bedside alarm clock.



  • Amazon Echo Plus: It is available in silver, white and black color. It’s the only Amazon Echo that includes a fancy volume ring instead of volume buttons.



  • Amazon Echo Connect

  • Amazon Echo Look



  • Amazon Tap 



Alternatives to Amazon Echo Voice Controller

The echo had the market for almost a year until a real competition began. But these days, many third-party smart speakers are coming up with more and more features.

The close competitor would be the “Google Home Smart Speaker”. It’s powered by Google’s voice-activated assistant – it comes closest to matching Alex’s variety of features. 

The second one is Apple’s Siri – Activated HomePad. It offers better sound than any other Echo device but lags behind Echo in terms of features and integrations.

Other notable competitors include the Cortana-powered Invoke smart speaker from Harman Kardon.

Advanced feature’s of Amazon Echo Voice Controller

We have covered basic options, so let’s look at some of Alexa’s advanced features.

  • Voice Recognition: With Alexa, you can offer different responses to different users. You can train Alexa to different voices.
  • Routines: Routines let you trigger multiple things all at once using a single, customizable voice command. IFTTT is a free online automation service through which you can customize Alexa’s commands. 
  • Drop-in
  • Memory: Well if you have a bad memory like me and if you forget someone’s birthday then you can always have the option of Alexa to remember it for you.
  • External Speaker Support
  • Smart entertainment controls

Thank you guys for reading the post. Happy Reading.