We live in an era where the air we breathe is also not safe. Whether it is people with asthma or allergies or for that matter anyone can be affected by the pollutants that stay in the air. While we can’t do much about the outside environment, it is a safe and healthy habit to keep your house free of these pollutants. 

Most of the time it is the cause that is unknown. What is the reason behind the skin allergy you get? What is the cause of your respiratory problems? Many pollutants can spoil your health and it is not so easy to find what is the cause of your problem. Thanks to technology, we have Air Quality Monitors to track the pollutants in the air.

Though air quality monitors do nothing to decrease the pollution in the air, they help you in identifying the cause for a problem. They help you track the various pollutant levels in the air and notify you when any of the pollutants levels are rising. This helps you to take the necessary steps to avoid you from breathing polluted air and suffering later.


What do you look for when you want to buy an air quality monitor?  Let us look at what they have to offer and how those features help us.

Basic measurements

Temperature, Humidity and Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) are the three basic things that are expected to be measured by an air quality monitor. It is not enough to buy a product if it says it measures these conditions. It is essential to look for the measurement ranges and optimal conditions for the product and verify if it suits your home range. 

CO2 and PM2.5

CO2 refers to gas Carbon dioxide which can cause respiratory problems if exposed to high amounts or longer durations. Particulate Matter (PM2.5) less than 2.5 microns consists of hazardous gases and fine dust can cause allergies and can affect your respiratory system. Some of the air quality monitors are built to track the levels of CO2 and PM2.5. It is preferable to have those monitored.

Tips to improve

Many of the air quality monitors give tips and suggestions to keep your atmosphere in check. They also give suggestions based on the indoor air quality in your home to help you in improving the quality of the air you breathe.

Smart home compatibility

Some air quality monitors are compatible with smart homes. Upon connecting with the smart home they can give you air quality reports with voice instructions and also can activate air filters or air conditioners depending on the air quality reports automatically.

Precision in measurements

It is advisable to look at the precision and errors of the sensors in the air quality monitor before purchasing it. The more precise the less error and is more preferable to buy it.

Mobile Application and Alerts

A mobile application is a must for an air quality monitor. It helps you view the air quality reports on your mobile anytime without having to search for the air quality monitor. Some devices even provide web support making it easier to view your air quality reports on your laptop or desktop. Also, it is preferable to have an air quality monitor that sends alerts to your mobile when any of the parameters are not in check prompting you to take immediate measures to control it.

Source of power

Majority of the air quality monitors work on battery making them portable. It is advised to check what type of batteries it works on and what is the battery life to make sure it is worth it. Few devices work on power supply removing your worries about battery life, but at the cost of portability.

Display the reports

It is also advisable to see if the air quality monitor has a display which is easier to read. This display can be helpful in case your mobile is charging in a different room. It also helps everyone in the home to view the air quality as some of them might not have mobile connected to the air quality monitor. It is also preferable to have a better resolution display to have a clear view of reports.

Backlight or Nightlight

Don’t let the darkness beat you. It is better to buy an air quality monitor with backlight or nightlight and have a clear view of your air quality reports or air quality indicator even at night. If a change in light colour can indicate a change in air quality then you don’t need to look at your mobile to know it.

Radon detector

Though Radon is not a common hazard or it’s detection a commonly seen feature, it advisable to look if your air quality monitor can monitor Radon. Since Radon is an odourless, colourless radioactive gas, it is highly dangerous and tough to detect. If your air quality monitor can keep it in check it is a great feature. But don’t forget this feature isn’t a cheap thing and comes at only expensive air quality monitors

Best Air Quality Monitors in the market

Having looked at features and working of air quality monitors, now let us look the best air quality monitors in the market and compare and contrast them.

Awair Element

Image Credits – Awair
Price: $149/-1 yr warranty.VOCs0-60,000ppb / ±10%Temperature-40 to 125°C / ±0.2°CHumidity0 to 100% / ± 2% RHCO2400-5000ppm ± 75ppmFine Dust(PM2.5)0-1000µg/m³ ± 15µg/m³Measures Temperature, Humidity, VOCs, CO2, and PM2.5Summary DashboardReal-time monitoringSuggestive measuresCompatible with smart homesHighly portableComplicated displayExpensiveDifficult to connect

Awair is well-known for getting good air quality monitors into the market. By far this is the best air quality monitor that Awair has made. This device tracks temperature, humidity, VOCs, CO2 and even PM2.5. It gives a summary dashboard and suggestions in the mobile app to help you in maintaining the quality of the air you breathe. It does real-time monitoring without delay helping you stay up to date about your atmosphere. The drawbacks being the connectivity issues and hard to read display.

Airthings Wave Plus

Image Credits – Airthings
Price: $229.99/-1 yr warranty.VOCs400-5,000ppm / ±30ppmTemperature ±0.1°CHumidity ± 1% RHRadon 0-500pCi/L/0-20000Bqm³  ± 5.4pCi/L/200Bqm³Measures Temperature, Humidity, VOCs, CO2, PM2.5, and RadonSummary DashboardWeb supportCompatible with IFTTT, Alexa, GoogleExpensiveNo display

Airthings wave plus is one of the best air quality monitors available in the market. It tracks all the parameters you expect it to track. It also integrates well with smart homes and works with voice command and automatically puts on air purifier if the atmosphere is polluted. The best feature being the radon detection and tracking. But all things come at a cost and these features make it expensive and not all reports are real-time but delayed. An addition of display would have made it better.

Eve Room

Image Credits – Eve

Price: $85.99/-1 yr warranty.Temperature0 to 50°C / ±0.3°CHumidity5 to 95% / ± 3% Easy read displayHighly PortableMeasures Temperature, Humidity, and VOCs.Summary graphsApple home integrationDurable batteryDoesn’t measure CO2 and PM2.5Not compatible with Android

Eve room is a part of Eve home solutions to make your home more safe and comfortable. This air quality monitor tracks temperature, humidity and VOCs. It has a display making it easier for people to know the quality of the air they breathe. This is best suited for people who are looking for budget air quality monitor. But it is only compatible with iOS devices which aren’t budget products. Absence of CO2 and PM2.5 tracking and android compatibility and also low precision are drawbacks.

Awair Glow C

Image Credits – Awair
Price: $89/-1 yr warranty.VOCs0-60,000ppb / ±10%Temperature-40 to 125°C / ±0.2°CHumidity0 to 100% / ± 2% RHSmart plug, Measures Temperature, Humidity, and VOCs.Summary Dashboard, Custom clour, nightlight, battery requiredNo display, Limited portability, Not compatible with smart home, Doesn’t measure CO2 and PM2.5

The budget air quality monitor from Awair is Awair Glow C. Though it looks like a plug and adaptor it is more than that. It keeps track of temperature, humidity and VOCs and sneds alerts to mobile. It also comes with smart plug wherein you can connect a fan, heater or a purifier depending on your choice and they will be switch on when respective measurements cross limits. It also has custom clour backlight. The limitations being portability, display and smart home compatibility. 

IQ Air Airvisual Pro

Image Credits – IQAir
Price: $269/-
1 yr warranty.
10 to 40°C
0 to 95% 
Fine Dust (PM2.5) 0.3-2.5µm 
Smart display,
Measures Temperature, Humidity,
CO2 and PM2.5.
Summary Dashboard, Glowing backlight
Smart home compatibility,
Highly portable Gives air quality reports from across the world
Doesn’t measure VOCs,ExpensiveLow battery life

IQAir Airvisual pro is an air quality monitor which is optimal in many ways. It tracks all parameters except VOC levels. Though it is expensive it is worth the money as it has a good display and sends alerts to your mobile. It is compatible with smart homes. It is preferable as it provides real-time air quality reports not just of your surroundings but also provides reports from major cities across the world. The low battery life is an additional drawback.

Now that we have looked at why we need air quality monitor, what features they offer and the best air quality monitors the market offers you, it is time for you to choose the one that fits your needs as well as your atmospheric conditions. Keep track of the pollutants in our home atmosphere and keep track of the articles we publish, both can make your life better, safer and healthier.